Do UV lamps cause cancer?

Although most of the gel nail products on the market today use LED technology (free from UV rays), some products still require the use of UV lamps. Most of the gel products we use in our salon are cured under a LED light, as opposed to a UV light, however, if you have any concerns feel free to read the following article (courtesy of and contact us with any additional questions.

Recently UV nail lamps have come into question by sensationalized TV programs. While the question is a valid one, the fact remains some of the answers are presented without much research into the facts.

Sometimes that is the way media works. They will take some kind of obscure fact, manipulate the data and come up the conclusion they think will cause the most people to tune in.

Most of the questions about UV nail lamps and cancer were brought on by an observation printed by the American Medical Association stating that two people who had skin cancer had also been exposed to a UV nail lamp. There were several inaccuracies in the article that any nail technician would have been able to clear up. The media decided to run with the story without talking to industry experts.

Everyone knows that overexposure to the Sun’s UV rays has been linked to skin cancer. I also believe that everyone knows that a UV lamp generates UV rays. It’s naïve to think that there is no possibility of skin cancer from a UV lamp.

However let’s look at the realities of a UV lamp designed for nails. The output of a UV nail lamp is so small it is nearly comparable to sunlight.

Assuming you are in the UV lamp for 10 minutes total, this is about the equivalent of driving in your car in the sun with your hands on the steering wheel for about 15 minutes. Now let’s compare a UV nail lamp to a tanning bed.

The most common UV nail lamps have four 9 watt bulbs for a total energy usage of 36 watts. A conservative commercial tanning bed can have 28 bulbs at 100 watts each or a total of 2800 watts. A tanning bed is many times more intense then the sun, that is why you don’t need to sit in a tanning bed for an hour to get a tan. I have never heard of anyone getting a tan or sunburn from normal UV nail lamp exposure.

So can a UV lamp designed for nails cause skin cancer? Yes it probably can, if you sleep with it every night turned on strapped to your hand. Or walk around all day with it turned on strapped your feet like shoes. But if you did that people would think you were pretty weird.

But the more important question is will it cause skin cancer? Probably not. If you want to minimize your risk for skin cancer it would be much more important to wear a hat and sunscreen, do not sun bathe, and generally limit your exposure to the sun especially near water, snow or on cloudy days. These tips are infinitely more important than skipping your 10 minutes of exposure in a nail UV lamp every two to four weeks. If you are still concerned, the answer is simple. Just apply a sunblock to your hands containing zinc oxide 1 hour before your nail appointment.

What type of gel nails are right for me?

There are many types of gel nails. How do you know which gel is right for you? Below is a quick and easy guide that will help you navigate the world of gel nails and decide which one works best for your lifestyle.

Gel Polish Manicure $35
You may hear different gel services like Shellac and Gelish. These types of gels are considered soak-off gel polishes. They come in polish bottles and are cured under a UV or LED lamp. They are applied after a full, dry manicure (including all shaping and cuticle work) and last for weeks. They are easily removed by placing a cotton ball or square with acetone onto nail plate, wrapped in foil, and then gently scraped off the nail bed. You receive a fresh set every time!
45 minutes to 1 hour, $5 for glitter or french

Gel Manicure Overlay $35
Gel manicure overlays are the next step up after gel polishes. They are a little bit thicker and provide a bit more durability. We are able to custom blend just about any color and can also add shimmers and pigments, as well as glitters and french. They can not be soaked off (not best for those who get the heebee-jeebes with a nail file). We gently buff off the gel with a regular nail file when they are ready to be removed or re-done, making sure to keep the integrity of the nail bed. We do not remove this product with a dremmel tool or electric nail file. You receive a fresh-set every time!
60 minutes $5 for glitter or french

Gel Enhancements $55
Sculpted gel enhancements are for those who may be used to having acrylics or want length added to their nails. This is a thicker consistency of gel that is sculpted with a nail form, as opposed to gluing on a tradition nail tip. Comes in clear, a variety of pinks, or french. Will not yellow like acrylic and is much more gentle to your nails than acrylics typically are. You can also top it with any gel polish or gel overlay for a variety of colors (add $10). You do receive fills and/or backfills with this services.
90 minutes, Gel Fill $35, Backfill $45, $5 for french or glitter

Do I need to make an appointment before coming in to the salon?

Although we do not require you to make an appointment, we do however, highly recommend it to guarantee being able to get you in to the salon on the day and time that works best for your schedule! You can call or text us or request an appointment online.

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